Question Wednesday: Zombie Bra POWER!!!

On January 2nd I put out a call for questions (in conjunction with a contest) and many of you asked some great ones! Every Wednesday (until I run out of questions), I’ll be answering them here! There may be ones that are related, so I’ll answer multiple questions at once. You can always add a new questions to the queue by posting them as a comment here.

Mona asks: My question for you is, if you have some special piece of clothing that enhances your creativity like a lucky bra or zombie-pumps or anything?

The lucky piece of clothing is pretty common in sports. We’ve all heard of the baseball players who wear their socks and won’t wash them during a streak. Gross, but I guess it works. I hate to say that I do not have this. I write five days a week, so if I always wore the same thing WOW would it stink! LOL

I did have a few things I always wore to booksignings or events. I had a charm bracelet with a charm for each book that I wore for booksignings. I have earrings my husband gave me that I wear for most “formal” things. And I have a bracelet with my mom’s and my birthstones on it, so I wear that sometimes for ‘luck’. But as far as kewl creative outfits or anything, no.

But I do take gifts. So… you know, there you have it. 🙂

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