Uncle!! Uncle!! (Why I Tapped Out on The Walking Dead)

Okay I’m about to admit something that will likely get my geek card revoked. It’s terrible, I know, but I have always been honest with you here and I have to continue that. Last month I…. I took The Walking Dead off my DVR. And I erased the episodes I had waiting for me to watch. I officially tapped out on The Walking Dead.

Let that sink in a minute, but before you write to me in outrage and bash me in print and online, let me explain why:

First, I have so many issues with the characters on the show. The women, especially, are written to be weak, whiny and semi-incapable of taking care of themselves. I had a hard time finding even one who I liked and I don’t think I could relate to any of them. Maggie, I guess, was the closest thing to someone I could like, and even she could be grating. This should not be a surprise. It was something I talked about more than once in my recaps over the past couple of years. And to me, character is such a big part of my enjoyment of any story that eventually it became overwhelming.

Secondly, it just stopped being fun for me. The first season, I loved The Walking Dead, character issues aside. It was dark and shocking and powerful. But lately, it’s not fun to watch anymore. The bleakness became neverending, with little to no lightness to balance it. I see very little love or affection or humanity left in the show. Obviously you have to deal with people getting hard, with our humanity being damaged by fear, but what would be the point of living if no one EVER laughed. Or smiled. Or loved each other? At that point, I guess I’d rather be zombiefied.

I realized that watching the episodes was a chore (which is why I fell so far behind). That they would sit for weeks on end. That when I saw spoilers on Twitter, I wasn’t even upset. I knew then that it was time for me to call it. Maybe some time in the future it will pop up on my Netflix as an entire series and I’ll be in the right place to try again. But for now, I have to say… Seacrest, er Petersen Out.

So do I have it all wrong? Are you breaking up with me because of my decision? Have you ever dropped a show you once loved when it became a chore?

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  • While I don’t agree with you completely, I don’t blame you, and can understand why you feel the way you do. A similar thing happened to me with Supernatural.

  • Lorraine C.

    Apparently my mind has blocked out the shows, because, while I can remember going through that with a few shows, I can’t remember which they were. But, like you, I knew I was over those shows when I realized that while episodes of those shows were piling up on my DVR, I was watching everything else I could. I’m still a fan of The Walking Dead, though, but perhaps I’m a so invested because I’m also a fan of the comics. I’m curious, though, have you caught Amazon’s pilot episode of Zombieland? I’m not sure if it’s only available for Prime members, but it’s free at the moment, and they’re seeking input/feedback before they produce more episodes. Your comment about being able to laugh, even during the zombie apocalypse, made me think of it.

  • Joelle

    Don’t worry, i won’t give up on you. Iit’s a free world after all… Anyway, yes it happens sometimes, i decide that i don’t want to watch it because something irritated me too much… But for the most part, when the serie/season is over, when i actually now if it’s worth it, i try to finish it. I stopped watching the Walking dead in the early episodes of this season, but i think i’ll go back to it… maybe. It’s true that it’s really difficult to find a female role that you appreciate….

  • GregLang

    “The women, especially, are written to be weak, whiny and semi-incapable of taking care of themselves.” – Andrea? Maggie? Michonne? I’m not sure we’re watching the same show.

    “I see very little love or affection or humanity left in the show” – ‘Lil Ass Kicker? Maggie and Glenn falling in love and getting hot and steamy? Rick’s worry about how his son is being affected by everything around him? The Dixon Brothers reuniting? Any complaints I had about the show were solved by the amazing progression of the 3rd season. It’s a shame you didn’t hang in there. It was a great ride.