Question Wednesday: Can’t Living Dead Without It

On January 2nd I put out a call for questions (in conjunction with a contest) and many of you asked some great ones! Every Wednesday (until I run out of questions), I’ll be answering them here! There may be ones that are related, so I’ll answer multiple questions at once. You can always add a new questions to the queue by posting them as a comment here.

Wendy R. asks: My question to you is: In the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, what one item would you not be able to live without?

It’s hard to narrow down things you’d need if the world fell apart. You’d need food, shelter, ammo, guns, transportation… just so much stuff when facing off against zombies. But I think one thing that would be completely invaluable is a water filtration system. You can go a while without food, you can scavange weaponry (especially against zombies who won’t be shooting at you or whatever and can be killed a lot of ways). There’s only so much gas you can carry and you can go some part of the country that is mild to avoid weather issues.

But if you don’t have water, you die. That’s it, the end. And yes, you could find water sources, but without filtration systems, it could get very hairy and very illness-inducing very, very fast. So some kind of portable filtration system like this one well, it could be a lifesaver.

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