Question Wednesday: Why Not Other Media for Dave and Sarah?

On January 2nd I put out a call for questions (in conjunction with a contest) and many of you asked some great ones! Every Wednesday (until I run out of questions), I’ll be answering them here! There may be ones that are related, so I’ll answer multiple questions at once. You can always add a new questions to the queue by posting them as a comment here.

Why Aren’t Dave and Sarah a Movie, Audiobook, comic book, etc? (This one is actually a mash-up of similar questions from Luke C., Tiffany and Stacy). 

I get this question a lot actually. The very nice, small group of you who are hardcore Dave and Sarah fans just want to see them as a movie or a television series or a comic book or whatever. The answer is that some of those rights are held by Orbit, some by me. All of them have had attempts to be sold, but at this point no one wants to turn them into anything. Sadly, as much as we all love the books, they just don’t seem to translate as far as other media or even widespread sales.

That isn’t to say it could never happen. Some actor or producer or director or whatever could find the book or pick it up as it’s pitched again, and option it and maybe it would happen. But this far after the release, it’s not something I really believe is in the cards. But it’s not because I haven’t thought of it or wished it would happen or that my team didn’t make every effort for it to come to be. Sometimes, sadly, these things just don’t work out.

But hey, if any of you are producers or directors or actors, hook a girl up.

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