Tarantino Top to Bottom

There are a lot of screenwriters and directors who I have so much respect for. A good movie can just drag you through emotion and I'm a big "rewatcher" (there are movies in our collection that I've seen dozens of times). Now I realized Quentin Tarantino can be a somewhat polarizing figure as a director. He's very eccentric in interviews, his movies are ultra-violent and some people I guess just don't like him. But I adore Tarantino. I love his balance of humor and violence, I love the voice of Read more [...]

Oscar Picks

I've actually watched a lot of movies this year. For me. It's funny, I love movies, LOVE THEM. But I hate GOING to movies. It is something about sitting in a theatre, not being able to multi-task and it I hate it I can't get out easily that makes me all... twitchy. So I have to build myself up to seeing something in the theatre. It's sad because my sweet, awesome husband LOVES going to movies. So this year, espeically over the holidays, I did my best to swallow my movie theatre anxiety and go with Read more [...]

5 Favorite Childhood Things

I've been thinking a lot lately (obviously if you read last week's post) about stuff from my childhood. There were so many things that I just fell in love with and they helped to shape who I am as a person today. So here are 5 of my favorite childhood things: 5. The Chronicles of Narnia -- Fantasy/wardrobes/talking animals... oh and religious undercurrents (though I don't think I really caught on to those as a child). Awesomeness. I was so in love and wished I could go through a wardrobe, too, Read more [...]

Film Friday: Resident Evil

For this week's Film Friday, I'm going to review a movie that is a little older, but a goodie in so many ways. Resident Evil came out in 2002 and was based on the popular video game of the same name. In it, heroine Alice wakes up with amnesia only to have her "home" raided by a special forces team that needs to gain access to the underground lab she's, apparently, been protecting. As Alice remembers bits and pieces of the life she once led, she is faced with the flesh-eating zombie remnants of the Read more [...]

Film Friday: Ozone

Summary: Cops Eddie and Mike get caught up in a trap by a drug dealer. But when both of them are injected with a new drug, Ozone, they find out these dealers are selling more than a high. What I Liked: As my husband said after we watched this, one thing to like in this movie is a "flagrant use of fedoras". This is supposed to be sort of a detective/zombie movie, so I guess they were going for a film noir thing with the fedoras. And that was cuteish. There's a fight scene that is super dark (so it Read more [...]

Film Friday: Shaun of the Dead

Every Friday I will be reviewing a zombie movie! I'll tell you what I liked and what I didn't and also try to let you know where you can see these flicks (since some are going to be a little obscure). Today I'd like to start off with one of my very favorite zombie movies, "Shaun of the Dead". The summary: Loveable loser Shaun is not having a great life. He works a crap job, his girlfriend just dumped him and his idea of a good time is hanging out with sometimes drug-dealer best friend Ed at a pub Read more [...]