Classic Monster Movies

There's something about a classic monster movie that has always appealed to me. Bela Lagosi as Dracula, Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster, Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera, those old black and white movies have always appealed to me. Maybe it's the weird lighting that makes them special. Like when Dracula is about to bite Mina and the light is so stark that everyone is super white and their eyes are all big and creepy. It's silly and scary all at once. The costumes from those early Read more [...]

Swamp Dwellers: What the Hell?

When I started writing Club Monstrosity, I decided to create a monster that is semi my own. Linda is a Swamp Dweller. Now she may bear somewhat of a resemblance to some other monsters but for purposes of copyrighting and not losing my shirt in a lawsuit, she's kind of her own thing. Linda is a lizard or fish-type creature whose body is covered in scales. This means she has to wear heavy make-up to cover up who and what she is. I had a lot of fun with Linda. I wanted her to be a strong piece of Read more [...]

Tarantino Top to Bottom

There are a lot of screenwriters and directors who I have so much respect for. A good movie can just drag you through emotion and I'm a big "rewatcher" (there are movies in our collection that I've seen dozens of times). Now I realized Quentin Tarantino can be a somewhat polarizing figure as a director. He's very eccentric in interviews, his movies are ultra-violent and some people I guess just don't like him. But I adore Tarantino. I love his balance of humor and violence, I love the voice of Read more [...]

Documentaries I’ve Liked Lately

Okay, how much do we love Netflix? Seriously, it's like the best thing ever. Not only do I get to keep up with every television show ever made in history, keep up with movies, watch a bunch of shit I loved as a kid (Um, we watched the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special over the holiday Wow. Wooooow.), but I also get to watch Documentaries. I actually love documentaries. There's something compelling about reality under a lens, something I might not know about before I watch it. So here Read more [...]