Uncle!! Uncle!! (Why I Tapped Out on The Walking Dead)

Okay I'm about to admit something that will likely get my geek card revoked. It's terrible, I know, but I have always been honest with you here and I have to continue that. Last month I.... I took The Walking Dead off my DVR. And I erased the episodes I had waiting for me to watch. I officially tapped out on The Walking Dead. Let that sink in a minute, but before you write to me in outrage and bash me in print and online, let me explain why: First, I have so many issues with the characters on the Read more [...]

Catching Up on The Walking Dead: Season 2

When The Walking Dead started airing on AMC, I actually did recaps for Orbit for the entire first season. I loved it, just like everyone else, although I had so many problems with the female characters (you'll see that doesn't change much as I catch up). Eventually those problems kind of made the show hard for me to watch and I got... behind. Like WAY behind. Like, it's been recording on the DVR and I have episodes from February 2012 (or second season) on it. Yeah. That much behind. But now that Read more [...]