My Heart Was Lost to Han Solo (Or Where I Let My Geek Flag Fly)

Here's the great thing about the interwebs and being a grown up and stuff: it's totally okay to be a geek. When I was a kid, my geekdom led to being ostracized, never getting asked to school dances and basically having glasses way too big for my head (some day when we all know each other better, I'll post pictures). But now, as an adult, my geekdom means I get amusing cultural references, I actually get to do what I like for a living and my friends speak my language. Which led to a very geekish Read more [...]


Hi everyone! I know not everyone who comes here is American (shout out, world!) but tomorrow we enter our Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, this always makes me less snarky and more warm and fuzzy about the world and everything I have to be thankful about. So... thank you to Orbit for being so awesome to work with. Thank you to my agent for putting up with... um... me. Thank you to EVERYONE who bought MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES and who plans on buying FLIP THIS ZOMBIE and EAT SLAY LOVE. You buy the cat Read more [...]

Misc stuff

Hey everyone! No Dr. Jesse this week because I'm out of questions! Please add some to the queue here on the site, at the Facebook fan page or @jessepet on Twitter. Of course this gives me some time to update you on some upcoming news! 1. ZomBcon in Seattle, WA 10/29-10/31 -- I'm heading West on Friday and will be in Seattle in time for Zombie Prom. Then Saturday, 10/30 I'll be signing books at 1pm and on a panel at 4pm. Sunday I have two panels. Also I'm going to try to hit the zombie wedding Read more [...]

Witchy Woman

Hello all! Well, we have reached the most awesome week for zombie lovers... Halloween and I actually had a chance to start my celebration early this year. On Sunday I headed to our small local zoo (where I volunteer every week) and played a Storytelling Witch for the children at our Miller Park Zoo Halloween Celebration! Here I am as a witch:  I handed out stickers, read an interactive story and enjoyed all the little ghosts and goblins (and Yoda and a Yellow Submarine and a Sock Monkey). The Read more [...]

Ask Dr. Jesse Wednesday

Hello gentle readers! I hope the past week has found you zombie-free and cultivating those relationships in preparation for the big Z.A. (that would be Zombie Apocalypse). I heard the awesome Nathan Fillion mentioned the upcoming end of days via zombie horde on his show "Castle", so you know, even Hollywood is catching on (now if only they would option MWZ for the big screen). At any rate, this week's Ask Dr. Jesse question comes from Charles, who asks: Hmmmm is it necrophila if ya have sex with Read more [...]


FLIP THIS ZOMBIE will be in stores January 1, 2011! And now that we're more than halfway through October, that date is seming closer than ever!! So I now present to you, a sneak peek of FLIP THIS ZOMBIE (you can also read the whole first chapter here at the site): “So,” The Kid said with a grin wide enough to split his face. “What are we doing now? Catching or killing zombies?” I sent a side glance toward Dave and he sent the same toward me. At the moment, nothing was really resolved and Read more [...]

Looking for Guest Posters!!

Hello zombiephiles! Well, I'm very happy to announce that EAT SLAY LOVE has been turned in to my awesome Orbit editor! And how am I celebrating? I'm taking a break! Yes, I'm going to be stepping back, spending time with family and generally doing nothing! I'm setting up a bunch of posts to publish, so the blog will still have fun and exciting things on it. BUT I'm also looking for some help so this is your official call to arms: Are you a huge zombie fan? A zombie writer? A proprietor of zombie Read more [...]