Ask Dr. Jesse Wednesday

Hello future zombie survivors! I hope you're all remembering to take care of yourselves. In a zombie apocalypse, that could save your life. In the spirit of that advice, our question for this week comes from Noah: If your spouse becomes infected, do you kill them before they die, after death, or after re-animation? This is a complicated question and one that brings up a very important issue that involves couples communication in the apocalypse. You will encounter too many horrifying experiences Read more [...]


Well, as many of you know, if a few weeks I'll be heading over to my old stomping groups (and Dave and Sarah's stomping grounds) of Seattle. I'm really excited! If you live there, you can buy tickets and see the information at http://www.zombcon.comĀ I'd love to meet some of you! So if you see me, come say hi. I hardly bite (except when the virus kicks in or when asked very nicely). If you will be there, here are the activities I'll most definitely be participating in: Friday, October 29: 8pm Read more [...]

Mythbusting, Zombie Style

Okay, so I’m a geek. Geeklicious. Geekitude is my game. And part of my geekiness is that I LOVE “Mythbusters”. Actually, even as I’m writing this blog, I’m watching a new Mythbusters episode (“Hair of the Dog”). And it got me thinking.. in a post apocalyptic world, shows like these would be really helpful.

SO… what zombie myths would you like to see Jaime and Adam test?

Everyone Could Use Some Practice

If there's anything that zombie movies and books have taught us, it's that the zombie apocalypse could happen at any time. Right now, outside your window, the beginnings of infection could have started to take hole and within twenty-four hours or even less, you'll be firing off shots at the zombie horde from a second story perch in a burned out hotel. Not to scare you or anything, but are you ready? I mean REALLY ready? Well, my husband sent me a link recently to a handy dandy product that might Read more [...]

Writing Corner: Revision

I've been out of town recently and so I'm a little behind on my "to do" list, including this blog, so I thought today I'd write up a little bit about my writing process. I know some of you are aspiring authors or authors yourselves and this might interest you. So I write "head down", which is basically a way of saying I don't edit during the first draft writing process. I'm also a plotter, although for MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES I did not plot at all. I just wrote, which was very interesting. But I was Read more [...]

Film Friday: Plants Vs. Zombies

Okay, so this isn't a film, but it's freaking zombies and freaking plants. And it's awesome. So if you haven't played, here's how it works. You are an innocent little person inside your house who apparently has no idea that the zombie apocalypse is here. Normally you'd be zombie chow before the hour was out. Fortunately, your beloved plants see the issue approaching and decide to fight back (I guess you had a really green thumb). So the zombies come and your various plants are used to destroy! It's Read more [...]

Film Friday: Fido

Now you all know me. I'm not big on the "zombie as protagonist" type of zombie story. I like the killin'. But Fido is the kind of movie that could turn you around on the subject. Summary: The Robinson family is living in a 1950s style utopia. Except for the zombies. Yeah, there was a zombie war, see, and now the town they live in is behind a wall and all the "Joneses" have zombie slaves, kept in line by a special control system on their necks. Mrs. Robinson has decided to buy her own zombie, despite Read more [...]

Opening Week is Over

Hello Minions from my actual home! Yes, I have returned to my humble abode in the Midwest after a massively great trip to Tucson to visit family. Here is a picture of LittleZombie1 with Aunt Jesse's new book: Why, yes, he is doing rock and roll devil horns. We're teaching him well. Now, on to real business... the book release! Thanks to all of you who have blogged about and reviewed MWZ! I love seeing your posts and tweets all over the interwebs and I beg you to keep it up. You see, something unfortunate Read more [...]