5 Writer Resolutions

Most people make resolutions in January, welcoming the new year with thoughts of how they'd like to be/act/change/etc. And I make those, for sure. But I also like to check in throughout the year, setting smaller goals and re-evaluating where I stand on the goals I have made already. So here are five of my writer resolutions. 1. Finish the projects I have contracted. Right before Christmas I sold three books under my 'other' name. And I have given myself some very tough deadlines, so my priority Read more [...]

Staying Motivated in the Midst

Right now I have a problem. It's a problem most writers face in the course of their careers. It's a problem of motivation. Writing is sort of a tough profession. Yes, you get to do what you love and then people tell you they actually like it, which is very edifying. But it's also exhausting, frustrating and sometimes even heartbreaking. Things work out and don't work out, but through it all writers are expected to keep their creative juices flowing and continue to write books. Sometimes that is nearly Read more [...]

Guest Post: Why I Put My Zombies Behind Bars

Welcome to our first guest blogger, Marty Shaw, who writes about putting zombies in prison (a topic I'm most interested in since I'm currently writing a zombie in prison short WEIRD). Welcome Marty! To paraphrase Doctor Who, zombies are cool. All you have to do is take a stroll through your local bookstore, click over to Amazon, or switch the TV to AMC for The Walking Dead, and it’s easy to tell that animated, rotting corpses are the ‘in’ thing these days… and it’s about time the iconic Read more [...]

11 Favorite Moments of 2011

Well, I am just WAY behind the eightball on this one. Most everyone else has come and gone with their "2011" recap posts, but I've never been one to follow trends. Hell, I should put this post off until June and really confused everyone. Maybe not. At any rate, with the New Year just a little while ago, I've been thinking a lot about my favorite moments in 2011. It was a wacky year, but here are some of my own highlights: 11. Making the decision to move to Arizona/Putting our house on the market/selling Read more [...]

Don’t be a douche online, kids

So if you’ve followed my twitter or Facebook, you probably saw my update last week about a little customer service problem that was brought to the light by the amazing Penny-Arcade.com here and here. Basically, this douchebag who runs a company called Ocean Marketing that helped with distribution of a cool gaming controller, treated someone who emailed for customer service like crap. Read the article for the big story. Anyway, once this came out on Penny Arcade, the interwebs blew up, people lost Read more [...]


Over the years, I've done a lot of interviews here and there around the interwebs and there's a few questions that always seem to come up. Where do you get your ideas (magic)? How do you get published (lots of crying and wailing, mostly)? And one is do you write with music? I love music, don't get me wrong. I love all kinds of music from classic rock to classical to ridiculous pop to rock and even some country (though not a lot). I sing in the shower and I think music would be something I miss Read more [...]

Why Seattle/Pacific Northwest?

As I'm writing this, I've just put the finishing touches on a new proposal and sent it off to my literary agent. No, it's not a Dave and Sarah book, but there are zombies in it. Also, it's set in the Pacific Northwest (in a fictional town called Edgewater, Oregon) just like MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES was set in the Pacific Northwest (in the non-fictional town of Seattle). Over the years, people have asked me why write zombie stories set in the Pacific Northwest so here is my answer. One reason why I Read more [...]

My Top 5 Tips on Being Real

When you're a writer, I guess you become sort of a public person. It always kind of surprises me when that fact hits me in the face like at a booksigning or conference or when I meet someone who is actually excited to meet me (beyond like my Mom or whatever). And with the internet providing both a strange sense of closeness and a strong ability to be fake, it's really easy to get all caught up. I do my best to just be me when I'm online or meeting readers (and writers) in person. So if you find yourself Read more [...]

Ask Me Anything

Thanks to the awesomeness of zombie fans, I get quite a bit of email/twitter @s/Facebook posts and lots of times I just can’t get to all of them in a timely fashion. So today I’m asking you… ask me anything. I will either answer today OR I’ll make an entire blog post out of the question.

So ask me about me, writing, publishing, zombies, cats, video games, life, Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, whatever.

This could be fun… or utterly terrifying. Now… GO!

Living Without Regret

Over the years I've learned something about myself. I regret what I don't do more than what I do. Even if things don't work out, at least I tried and lots of times supposed "failure" turns into a great lesson or opens the door to greater success. That's how I ended up pursuing writing in the first place. It's definitely how I ended up writing a zombie comedy and now it's why I've broken away from traditional publishing and am writing and publishing independently.My life is changing a lot right now. Read more [...]