My Review of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Recently I have been seeing trailers for the movie Warm Bodies (in theatres February 1), which is based on this book. They were interesting and amusing enough that I decided to pick up the book. Wow, am I ever glad I did. Warm Bodies is a zombie story and a love story, all told from a zombie point of view. Our hero is R, a zombie who doesn’t remember his name or anything about his life or death. All he knows is that he’s a zombie. He and a bunch of his zombie cohorts live in an airport where Read more [...]

Guest Post: Why I Put My Zombies Behind Bars

Welcome to our first guest blogger, Marty Shaw, who writes about putting zombies in prison (a topic I'm most interested in since I'm currently writing a zombie in prison short WEIRD). Welcome Marty! To paraphrase Doctor Who, zombies are cool. All you have to do is take a stroll through your local bookstore, click over to Amazon, or switch the TV to AMC for The Walking Dead, and it’s easy to tell that animated, rotting corpses are the ‘in’ thing these days… and it’s about time the iconic Read more [...]

Zombie for the Day: Luisa Prieto

Thanks to Luisa for her great guest post!! Here is Luisa: You never forget your first time. Me, I was on my parent’s couch. It was Saturday night, the lights were off, and the VCR was paused. “Please,” I said, giving my parents my best puppy dog look. At ten, it was my strongest weapon. They’d rented a horror movie; I LOVED horror. I slept with a Bunnicula book, I’d watched the black and white version of the Wolfman, like, FIVE times. Whatever it was that my parents had rented, I had Read more [...]