In My Mind: In the Dead Volume 2

 In My Mind Kevin Conor Keller / / CC BY-NC-NDChelsea Everett lifted her head from her pillow and let out a moan that seemed to echo in her head and around the room. She stared around her, eyes clouded and mind equally blurry as she stared at the clock on her bedside table. It was blinking 3:02 over and over again and she sat up with a curse. The power must have gone off again in the night. Again? She rubbed her eyes. It felt like she’d forgotten something, but what? What Read more [...]

Zombie Valentines!

Way back in time, before Married With Zombies was even out, my publisher Orbit created a really cool little marketing campaign around Valentine's Day with these awesomely awesome Zombie Valentines! Since the holiday of luuuuuuuv is rapidly approaching, I thought I'd share them with you again. And you can easily share them with your sweetie or on Facebook by clicking the link here: Pre-Order Club Monstrosity Amazon Pre-Order Club Monstrosity Read more [...]

My Review of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Recently I have been seeing trailers for the movie Warm Bodies (in theatres February 1), which is based on this book. They were interesting and amusing enough that I decided to pick up the book. Wow, am I ever glad I did. Warm Bodies is a zombie story and a love story, all told from a zombie point of view. Our hero is R, a zombie who doesn’t remember his name or anything about his life or death. All he knows is that he’s a zombie. He and a bunch of his zombie cohorts live in an airport where Read more [...]

7 Reasons Why Life Will Be Better Under Our Zombie Overloads

Last month the world was supposed to end. It didn't, which was encouraging, but while we were all waiting for it to happen, I couldn't help but think about zombies. I know, shocking. But hey, if I'm going to be a part of an apocalypse, I want it to be a good one. Anyway, while I was waiting for the zombies, I started wondering: Would life actually be better under a zombie regime? Surprisingly, I found some good arguments for the answer being yes! If zombies rule the world, they might just be awesome! Read more [...]

The Zombie Whisperer is Here!!!!

After a very long wait (for me as much as you, trust me), I'm very excited to announce that THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER is now available for order!! A few things about THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER: It's available as eBook only. I know, I know that upsets many of you who don't have eReaders and I understand. However, I've opted to self-publish this (as Orbit did not want to continue with the series) and I feel that something is better than nothing. If by some chance we see very strong sales with it, I would Read more [...]

I Told You So: In the Dead Volume 2

 I Told You So Bahman. / People Photos / CC BYRobert Torrence had been born in Riley, NV. Born and raised, he used to say, grinning while the bartender filled up his glass at the dingy Wild Coyote Bar. He knew just about everyone in that stinking little town. And then… the mall had come and it had gotten so shitty. Riley was on the very outskirts of Reno, but Reno had a way of stretching and it seemed like in a blink of an eye they were what was called a suburb. A Starbucks had come five Read more [...]

Opening the Floor for Questions

It's a new year and with new years always come new promises. I've made one to myself that I'll blog more often and I have some pretty cool topics I'm hoping I'll be able to cover in the next 12 months. But I also want to write things that are interesting to you all, so I'm opening up the floor for questions. If you've ever wanted to know anything about: Writing Publishing Zombies Monsters Where Ideas Come From Where Babies Come From What My Cats are Doing Right Now What Awesome Read more [...]

Dave Speaks: In the Dead Volume 2

 Dave Speaks Sarah tries to make it a game, but I must say I’m sick of the road. Ever since the zombie outbreak in Seattle over six months ago, ever since we killed our therapist, we’ve been running. Fighting. Scrambling for every scrap of food, every drop of water, every bullet for every gun. The zombies don’t stop, so we can’t stop either. But I’m not tired. In truth, I’m never tired. And the reason is one that if I say out loud, people will probably come after me with pitchforks Read more [...]

Paging Dr. Clooney: In the Dead Volume 2

Paging Dr. Clooney The hospital on a Thursday night in sleeply little Cognerville wasn’t exactly hopping. At sixty miles outside of Seattle, they avoided most of the big city problems and excitements. Honestly, the biggest news here was a cow roaming off or a drunken pushing match at the Ripe Apple Bar on Main Street. Dr. Brandon Hudson hadn’t meant to land here. He’d had the same “ER” or “Gray’s Anatomy” kind of dreams as anyone else in medical school. He’d always seen himself Read more [...]

Great Costume: In the Dead Volume 2

Great Costume Holland Raine always held her annual Halloween party in August. How that had happened, no one could really remember, not even Holland, but after fifteen years it didn’t really matter. The second Saturday of August, at 7pm sharp, the doorbell would ring and her three bedroom home in California would be filled with witches, devils, sports stars and more, as well as all the ‘slutty’ versions of the same costumes. She loved it, and had hosted the party without fail, even the year Read more [...]