A Dave and Sarah Christmas

Somehow while I've been unpacking and adjusting and working on new books and basically settling into life in Arizona, the holiday season has come upon us. Thanksgiving is coming and I know most everyone is now looking toward Christmas, making lists, checking them twice, the usual. Yesterday I got to thinking... what would Dave and Sarah of the Living With the Dead series want for Christmas? And this is the list I came up with. I've added links just in case you might want something off their wish Read more [...]

Survival Kit

So... for obvious reasons... the last week or so I've been thinking about survival kits. Not in the "zombies are coming, better pack an axe" kind of way, but the genuine, "what would we need in an emergency situation?" way. I no longer live in a tornado zone, I doubt a hurricane is going to hit me where I am and earthquakes here are very, very rare, but there are other natural disasters (fire, monsoon flooding... zombie attack) that could easily make running into a viable option in an extreme situation. Read more [...]

Animal Instinct

We've all felt it. That prickle in the back of our neck when we meet someone. The hesitation when we look into a dark back yard. It's called Animal Instinct and it tells us, "You are in danger." The problem is that often we don't listen to that voice. We go downstairs when we shouldn't, we take a call we didn't think we should, we go on a date with a person we feel squiggy about. Most of the time, these moments where we ignore animal instinct go nowhere. A nervous moment taking out the trash (that's Read more [...]

Zombies = Arizona?

There's a pattern to my life. I get up, I write, I edit, I watch CourtTv (TruTV whatever they want to be called). I pet a cat. Or two. I'm pretty predictable.  The same has seemed to ring true when it comes to my zombie books. The common thread? Arizona. Many of you may already know from Twitter/Facebook/here that we have family there and are in the process of moving there in order to be closer to them. I think the zombies approve and here's why: 1. When MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES came out, I Read more [...]

“Shambling With the Stars” is out today!!

I'm so excited because today is... RELEASE DAY! "Shambling With the Stars", a short story based in the same world and outbreak as the "Living With the Dead" series, is about Avery, a TV producer who puts together telethons after disasters. And what disaster deserves a telethon more than the Seattle Zombie Outbreak? Unfortunately, the zombies are on their way to L.A. and being one of the beautiful people doesn't mean you wont' end up a member of the Living Dead. You can download the story at Read more [...]

Dear God, It’s the Ice Cream Man!!!

It's summer and I love it. I love that it's warm and that the grass is green and that I can wear capris and write outside (well, I could if I still had patio furniture, stupid move). But there is one really scary thing about summer. One thing I almost dare not speak about... The ice cream man. Oh he seems all nice. The happy music, the yummy treats, the children running and full of happiness as they clutch their money. But I'm scared of the ice cream man. I think it's because I watch too many Read more [...]